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Thoughts on the Run by Andy Shearer

December 31, 2021 7:31 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)


Sometimes the best stories of running are told through the eyes of the athlete. Meet my son Ben. Ben runs XC at Appoquinimink High School and recently wrote a class assignment about taking a journey. Here is his journey.

"Blue Hen Conference Championship" - by Ben Shearer

The weather was cold and rainy as I was shivering in the cold. The gun finally went into the air and went Boom!! The next thing I see is the backs of the other teams and the green grass as we sped into the woods. I chased the other teams into the woods as if they were the prey and I was the predator. As I keep getting closer to the 1st mile, I see a familiar face in the crowd telling me to keep with them. It was my coach!! I nod my head like I understand (which I did) and I keep up with some of the tougher teams ahead of me. I pass some of them one by one and I say to myself, keep them coming. I then get to the mile and a half and there's nobody around me, I feel relieved, and my stress went down. As I thought to myself alone, I realized that I was the number 5 guy on the Appo team. As I kept thinking, a Middletown kid passed me out of nowhere and I just let it be. I lost some ground as I was in my own world. As I kept thinking about the big pack of guys I passed earlier, I realized that some of the Appo guys who were ahead of me. As I get to the second mile and there's a group of guys that I recognized earlier, I stay with them until the 2nd and a half. Some of the guys I hung behind were Middletown, Concord, Saint Georges, Mount Pleasant, and Hodgson. A couple of them were good and the others, I was beating myself up on how they were in front of me. Just as I get to the 3rd mile mark, I see a farm that is planting flowers and trees and another familiar face. The family friend told me that I was super close to the finish and to turn on the speed, I nod my head and start to speed up. I´m super close to leaving the woods, all I have to do is to go up a big hill and turn right. I went up the hill like it was no problem and I made that turn. I knew that this was the moment to beat them after my teammates were there cheering me on telling me to go now. With the rest of my energy, I passed the 5 guys who were around me and left them in the dust. I finished and didn't have to go any faster because the 5 guys I stayed with were just finishing as I was catching my breath. My body was cold and a little numb. I came up to my coach to ask for my time and he said that I ran 19:40. This was the first time I broke 20 during the season.

I hope to see you on the roads, tracks and trails. 

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